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Cut spaghetti squash in half, scoop out seeds, drizzle with olive oil and lightly salt, bake face up 1 hour at 350-400 degrees

Saute veggies for 5 minutes in pot: onion, zucchini squash, yellow squash(add more veggies if desired: carrot, celery, etc) in olive oil(1-2tsp)

1 can of mushrooms(or fresh)

Cooked chicken(option: I also added ground turkey)

1-2 jars of organic spaghetti sauce(or your own blend)

Season as desired with salt, other seasonings like basil, oregano

After spaghetti squash is done, cut diagonally and horizontally then scoop into sauce

Stir everything together and serve (with a sprinkle of goat or sheep cheese for final touch), ENJOY!

Creative name by Taytem Riley

Julie Mitchell


by Julie Mitchell

The immune system is perhaps the most important body system when it comes to maintaining a healthy vibrant living active lifestyle. Warning signs from symptoms such as running nose, fever, headache, cough, watery eyes, can be a welcoming indicator that system may need support. Along with supporting the immune system, it is important to understand what may be weakening it thus contributing to the symptoms.

  1. NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY – The body requires nutrients for certain functions. These functions take place continually in the destruction and removal of poisons, chemicals, and toxins.  They are also essential in the building up of damaged tissues.  These functions cannot occur when a body is deficient in the necessary biochemical nutrients it needs to perform them.
  2. STRESS – Stress on the body causes adrenal stimulation. Vitamins and minerals are used up at a high rate when a person is under stress.   Digestive function can be severely affected by stress.
  3. ALCOHOL – Considered to be a carbohydrate, it lacks the necessary vitamins and minerals to be properly absorbed for use. Its consumption puts unneeded stress on the pancreas for insulin production to metabolize the sugar.  Cells are destroyed in the brain by the withdrawal of necessary water from the tissues and cells.  Many people have contracted cirrhosis of the liver from the excessive consumption of alcohol.  The liver being a major detoxified for this chemical is involved in the breakdown and removal of alcohol from the body.
  4. TOBACCO USE – Cigarette smoke contains substantial amounts of cadmium. Cadmium is a toxic metal, which contributes to heart ailments and hypertension.  Lung cancer has been linked to tobacco use.  Researchers have linked smoking in pregnant women to sudden death syndrome.
  5. DRUGS & CHEMICAL TOXINS – Years ago, a scientific study was done in 1989 that revealed 5,705,670,380 pounds of chemical pollutants were released into the environment we eat, breathe and live in. Resistant strains of bacteria are evolving from our over use and abuse of anti-biotics as they are causing a weakening of the immune system.
  6. HIGH BLOOD CHOLESTEROL LEVELS – Proper fat intake may enhance natural killer cell activity according to research found in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Many improper altered fats have contributed to the livers congestion and increased cholesterol.
  7. HIGH TRIGLYCERIDE LEVELS – Found in diets high in refined processed products most refined foods lack essential nutrients to assist the assimilation in the body.
  8. EXCESSIVE SUGAR CONSUMPTION – Experimental studies have shown significantly depressed lymphocyte transformation in healthy adults consuming glucose. These depressed states showed as quickly as 30 – 60 minutes after the consumption of glucose.
  9. CAFFEINE – Research has found 120mg of caffeine in the bloodstream could kill a person.The response from this acid forming drink stimulates adrenaline to be released as a protective mechanism to tell the body to excrete this toxin as quickly as possible.

“Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.”  Psalms 42:11


Julie Mitchell

10 Signs You May Have a Toxic Overload

“Those who cleanse themselves from the latter will be instruments for special purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work.” 2 Timothy 2:21

We are all exposed to toxins from our environment daily. The word “toxin” is something causing harm to the body which may come from air, food supply, drinking water, or skin contact. Supporting the body’s releasing ability of these toxins, frees up energy thus increasing vitality.

  1. Stuffy head
  2. Fatigue or difficulty sleeping
  3. Indigestion
  4. Constipation
  5. Food cravings
  6. Weight gain
  7. Reduced mental clarity
  8. Low drive
  9. Dull skin
  10. Joint discomfort

At The Nutrition and Wellness Center, we encourage our clients to schedule a cleansing period on their calendar 1 or 2 times a year.  This focused cleansing time frees up energy to clear and move stagnant debris that can set the stage for disease as well as expression of generational weaknesses.

“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” Hippocrates

Julie Mitchell

10 Tips for Healthy-Looking Skin

by Marcia Sommariva

To obtain beautiful skin it is vital to maintain a healthy diet. Colorful fruits and vegetables, low-fat proteins, nuts and beans are all good examples of healthy foods. When you don’t eat life supporting elements, your skin may look dull, tired and dehydrated, even yellow or gray in pallor.

  1. Avocados

*A good source of biotin

*Prevent dry skin and brittle nails

*Help hydrate skin

  1. Green Tea-

*Antioxidants and polyphenols

*Help to reduce UV rays that may prevent skin cancer and other cancers

  1. Tomatoes-

*Provide lycopene and carotenoids

*These nutrients help slow down aging and cellular damage

  1. Salmon-

*great protein food with Astaxanthin, a nutrient that improves skin elasticity and decrease signs of aging

  1. Eggs-

*Contains biotin which repairs skin and is an essential vitamin to protect against dry skin

  1. Pomegranates / Berries-

*High in antioxidants repair and heal collagen

*Protect cells from further damage and pre-mature aging

  1. Walnuts-

*A great way to add Omega-3’s

*Hydrate and protect against inflammation

  1. Beans-

*These proteins break down into amino acids (building blocks of protein.)

*Support repair and rejuvenate collagen and structure of skin

  1. Water-

*A vital element to hydrate the skin

  1. Other Foods-

*Turkey, Tuna, Brazil Nuts: all a good source of Selenium, a nutrient that fights cancer.

Nutrition plays a major factor in building and repairing, the skin’s internal structure; and is crucial in preventing pre-mature aging. For younger, radiant skin include these healthy foods in your diet.

Infused water with lemon, cucumber and mint on wooden background


Julie Mitchell

Could losing weight, getting rid of headaches, pooping daily, body/mind healing, feeling better overall … really be this simple for some people?

YES! Water intake and fluid balance are among the least understood and most neglected areas of overall health and weight management. Because water is very important to health, our bodies attempt to maintain proper fluid and water balance at all times. Consuming too little water can result in water retention. Increasing water intake can actually decrease water retention and the bloating and added weight that accompany it. Read on to find out more.

How much water do we need?

Although individual variation exists, drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day is what is recommended. (If you are working out with perspiration, increase that amount by 20-50%).

7 Tips to Get Water Down!

  1. Are you a sipper or guzzler? If you don’t seem to find the time to get water down during the day, you may need to become a guzzler and I call that “Cameling Up”. Set a reminder alarm on your phone until you get the routine in place. Try getting 40-50% of your water intake  before you leave the house for the day.
  2. Keep a water bottle that measures fluid ounces with you throughout the day: home, car, gym or at your desk at work. This way the counting is done for you, just remember to refill it throughout the day. All you need to worry about is finishing the bottle/s between the time you wake up and the time you go to bed (recommend getting water in two hours before bed so you have better chance of sleeping peacefully through the night).
  3. Get a measuring bowl…
    • Fill up your favorite glass to drink from.
    • Pour that water into the measuring bowl to see how many ounces it is.
    • Lastly, determine how many glasses you need to consume a day to meet your goal of half your body weight in ounces of water. Make that be your plan.
  4. Look in your iPhone! Go to the App Store for water/hydrate tracker apps. Keep post-it notes on your refrigerator or desk reminding you to drink a glass of water until it becomes habit.
  5. Create a buddy system with a family member, friend, or co-worker to make sure
    you are drinking your water.
  6. Add essential oils from doTERRA plus  fruit or veggies to give it a satisfying flavor. Examples: Fresh lemon, cucumber, or lime slices  with a sprig of mint. 1-2 drops of essential oils like lemon, lime peppermint, cinnamon, spearmint, or wild orange to a glass or stainless steel serving of water. (Always use glass or stainless steel with essential oils.)
  7. Interesting fact: If dehydrated, Colon Hydrotherapy is the fastest way to hydrate the body (over drinking water)! Many healthy people utilize colon hydrotherapy as part of their regular health regime.

How can I find out how much water I have in my body?
It’s very simple and easy to find out. Our office offers a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis(BIA). BIA calculates and estimates your tissue and fluid compartments – using an electrical current. It measures the body fat in relation to lean body mass. It is an integral part of our health and nutrition assessments.

Won’t I feel more bloated and retain more if I drink more water?
Drinking the appropriate amount of water actually reduces water retention and bloating, even during menstruation for women. Since your body is constantly regulating its fluid balance, you can overcompensate by retaining water if you are not drinking enough. Drinking more water can also help you lose those few extra pounds and aid with proper digestion.

Finally, if you struggle with water intake, remember it’s about gradually working up to your goal of half your weight in ounces. Some days you will hit the mark and others you will celebrate the effort made towards it.  It’s never too late to start—the changes you make today then sustain in the weeks to come, will absolutely effect the quantity and quality of your years down the road!

Julie Mitchell

7 Ways to Walk in Wellness Freedom

by Julie Mitchell

The Fourth of July allows us the celebration of the beginning, the foundation, of our great country. On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress gave its stamp of approval to the final draft of the Declaration of Independence. A document that wasn’t perfect but one that gave room for growth, creation, and deliverance. Moving into freedom means moving out of oppression.

Webster defines oppression as
a. unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power.
b. a sense of being weighed down in body or mind.

Here are a couple of questions to ponder, “have you ever been bullied”, “have you ever been a bully”, or “have you ever seen someone being bullied”? Inevitably the answer is, “YES”. A bully is over-powering, cruel, mean, over-controlling and doesn’t listen. A bully suppresses freedom.

Are we a bully to ourselves? If we have any symptom at all, be it a headache, constipation, fatigue, reoccurring infection, itching skin, frequent urination, leg cramps, poor circulation, the list could go on and on…The body is giving us a clue that things are out of balance. If we learn to stop and listen to our body, we may be able to begin the process of understanding our body’s voice that is speaking. To deny the voice, is to bully ourselves, inflict unjust or cruel exercise of authority and power. If we had the power to give a thirsty 5-year-old a drink of water, but denied access, that would be cruel. What things are we currently denying or doing to ourselves that would be considered mean, cruel, overpowering, and oppressive when it comes to our state of wellness? Consider these:

5 Ways Bullying Overtakes Wellness

1. When we are fatigued, we grab for stimulants like sugar, caffeine, salt, or nicotine. The body is begging for something of value, and these are not them.
2.  We don’t allow ourselves opportunities to drink the water our body needs to run the multiple systems that require hydration for optimal performance. Coffee, tea, soda, bottled juice, artificial flavored drinks, and sports drinks do not count for the water intake and add to the toxic burdens on the body.
3.  We overwork without giving ourselves a break. This causes over-firing of stress hormones which compounds fatigue, digestive and sleeping issues to name only a few.
4.  Instead of building relationships around us in the physical, we spend time on social media or computer games. Isolation is cruel, we are made to co-exist in meaningful relationships.
5.  We allow our blood sugar to drop by skipping meals and snacks…let’s just say fat storage opportunities abound here.

Like our country’s Declaration of Independence, we need to form a lifestyle (a powerful document) that allows freedom to be well in our body, soul, and spirit. Here are some ideas to get you started:

7 Ways to Walk in Wellness Freedom

1.  Eat every 3-4 hours, including some form of protein.
2.  Drink half our body weight in ounces of water daily.
3.  Take breaks throughout the day, even if its 5 minutes, and include a lunch break away from our work area.
4.  Purpose to belly breathe throughout the day to help adapt to daily stress and increase mental clarity.
5.  Spend time in physical conversations/quality time with friends and family for minimum of 30 minutes a day. Limit social media/computer games/tv to equal time.
6.  Formulate a plan for personal development like learning a new skill, group book study, read inspiring books, etc.
7.  Budget for wellness that may include lifestyle coaching, nutritional supplementing, colon hydrotherapy, massages, chiropractic care, acupuncture, ionic foot cleanses, infrared sauna sessions, neurofeedback training, etc.

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow Me.” John 10:27


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