Tanya Morrison

Colon Hydrotherapy with 21 day cleanse

I lost 14 pounds and 2 dress sizes. The 21 day cleanse was easy to stick to and I was not hungry.

Everyone at the Nutrition and Wellness Center were helpful and happy to assist me and answer all my questions.

It was a great experience.

Linda Reilly

A wonderful resource for our community

I had my first appointment at the Nutrition and Wellness Center in January 2015 when I was 71. When I walked in the door I had a strong feeling of calmness and well-being, and I knew this place was going to be exactly the environment I was looking for to help me meet my wellness goals. My primary goal was that of aging gracefully, and Julie became my partner in that goal right away….

Kim Van Eck

I got the right support when needed from Julie and Jeff

As of the end of June, I have lost a total of 30 pounds since my January 1 goal of focusing on personal health and well-being in 2016, the majority of loss coming in the form of a reduction in body fat.

Jessica Carmean

…thanks to you (Julie) and the good Lord

“I am so excited because now I don’t see her developmental delays as a barrier. I can see her potential.”

“Just in that one month period of seeing you, the speech therapist said Amelia had talked more than she had during her whole therapy.”

Heidi Hartwiger

Client Testimonial


Client Testimonial

Lori Swain

Client Testimonial

Jessica Carmean

Client Testimonial

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