Abundant Metabolism 150 softgels

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High potency formula especially designed to support:
1. Effective fat metabolism
2. Exercise benefits and reduce workout recovery
3. Appetite support
4. Heart muscle function and heartbeat regularity


Product Sheet - Abundant Metabolism v4

Adequate cell energy is needed for full vitality. Abundant Metabolism 100% l-carnitine fumarate, GABA, and kelp in MCT are interactive keys to robust cell energy.

Results: Healthier carnitine levels for needed fat metabolism and regulating healthier cell health and detox.

Benefit: Helps burn fat & fat-soluble toxins for better weight management and healthier heart muscle.

Fact: Formulated with GABA, a neurotransmitter that keeps the gut nervous system calmer through prevention of nerve irritability commonly associated with active fat burning.

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