Abundant Sunshine D3 liquid

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Product Description

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Abundant Sunshine D3: immune function; supports bone, muscle, prostate, and digestive system health; clears brain fog; improves insulin resistance and blood sugar balance

Result: Provides valuable and complete health support for bones, brain, heart, and immune system function.

Benefits: Helps reduce risk of heart attack, stroke, dementia and autoimmune conditions.

Facts: Formulated with mixed forms of vitamins E, protecting the D3, the most bioavailable form of vitamin D, during the absorption process.

Abundant Supplements (Gold Standard)

  • Every Abundant product provides 100% potency and activity for its entire shelf life.
  • Every ingredient used in a Abundant product is pharmaceutical-grade or better.
  • All Abundant products dissolve rapidly (usually within 20 minutes), eliminating digestive irritation often found with other brands.
  • Full label disclosure is provided for all Abundant products — no hidden ingredients.
  • Every Abundant product is activated with the same transporters that are used by nature and in food to ensure full bioavailability. The biologically preferred form of an ingredient is always used for enhanced activity.
  • Free of citrus, MSG, wheat/gluten, corn/zein/starch, dairy/casein/whey/ milk derivatives, yeast, soy, sulfate, phosphates (other than coenzymes), and preservatives.
  • No genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  • Unique post-production assays and clinical bioassays assure product integrity.

Every Abundant product is produced following or exceeding the FDA’s pharmaceutical GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations

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Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take one (1) drop per day or as directed by your health professional. Note: Hold bottle at a 45 degree angle and drop directly onto spoon or toast. Maybe directly administered


Pregnant and nursing mothers need to check with their health professional before taking supplements.


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