Standard Process Microbiome Test

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The Standard Process Microbiome Test Kit, Powered by BIOHM®, is used to assess the gut microbiome’s diversity and provide suggestions towards a healthier lifestyle.

The Standard Process Microbiome Test Kit is a two-part assessment which is derived from:

  • Gut microbiome analysis using next generation genetic sequencing of a stool sample to discover the diversity of the bacteria and fungi that live in your patient’s gut, and
  • A Lifestyle Questionnaire that is completed by the patient when the test is registered on the software portal.


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Test your gut and receive actionable recommendations on how to support your digestive health. The BIOHM Gut Test is one of the most comprehensive sequencing available to consumers.

Microbiome testing is the use of next generation genetic sequencing and bioinformatic analysis to compare a patient’s microbiome with that of a normal/healthy individual. This will reveal the composition, balance and levels of bacteria and fungi inside of the gut from a stool sample.


Anyone considering a deeper dive and investigation into gut health.


The microbiome kit is a validating tool we use at TNAWC that provides a comprehensive overview of your gut flora, looking specifically at fungal, yeast and bacterial species. Based off the findings, nutritional and supplemental insights are developed and designed unique to your individual micro flora, helping to promote gut homeostasis or balance. Since good health starts in the gut, this diagnostic tool is an excellent path toward building vitality and balanced health.

1. The complete directions will be included in your kit

2. Register your microbiome test kit (use practitioner: Mitchell, Julie)

3. Prepare and collect sample (either at our office or your home)

4. Seal and prepare sample for shipment in packaging provide

5. Mail shipment using United States Postal Service


This test can be done any time of day and any day of the month.


The Microbiome Test report will be emailed to you as well as our office. You will then be able to review any imbalances you may have at home and begin making lifestyle change recommendations immediately as well as order the supplemental plan either directly from the report findings or pick up supplements available at our office.

*You also have the option of scheduling a follow-up appointment with us to review the results with you.


*Paperwork will be emailed upon sign-up so please be sure to fill that out before coming in for your appointment. Don't worry, you only have to fill it out once!


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