Standard Process Wild Yam 1:2 (available in clinic for purchase)



This item is available for In-Clinic Purchase and online – Call us at 757.221.7074 or email us at [email protected] to inquire about purchasing in-clinic. 

We have Standard Process’ exclusive Doctor/Practitioner pricing. It is the best pricing online for you, our valued client!


Wild Yam contains the glycosidic steroidal saponin dioscin and other compounds. Wild Yam 1:2 contains a minimum of 15 mg/mL steroidal saponins as dioscin to ensure optimal strength and quality. Wild Yam helps:
*provide antispasmodic activity to ease occasional spasms of smooth muscle including those of the intestine and those associated with the menstrual cycle
*ease the effects of symptoms associated with menopause
*maintain and support healthy joints

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