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The Nutrition and Wellness Center opened its doors in 2006 committed to educating and empowering clients to create a healthy environment for body, mind, soul, spirit and emotions through proper food intake, nutritional support, internal cleansing, exercise, balanced emotions and managed stress living.

Julie Mitchell, a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, combines the wisdom of nature with the rigors of modern science to help the body create an internal and external healing environment using natural healing methods. Julie and her team focuses on the holistic, proactive prevention approach.
Thousands of clients have become part of The Nutrition and Wellness Center over the years and continue coming back because Julie and the team know healing comes from within and that it is necessary to find out why the body is not healing as God designed it; which is based on one or a combination of three things: malnutrition, toxicity (microbes, metals, chemicals), and trauma (physical or emotional). The body must be able to digest food properly, drain/filter toxins out of it, and openly communicate through the neuro-endocrine system in order to heal properly.


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Wellness is built on many choices. Choose these wisely:


Clients receive personalized wellness programs designed to empower them to live a full, healthy life through bio-energetic medicine, goal setting, lifestyle coaching, menu planning, colon hydrotherapy, personal training, functional movement, neurofeedback, nutrient programs and body composition measuring with individuals and families, and their unique situations.

When clients come in with: sinus issues, body discomfort, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, weight imbalances, respiratory struggles, cardiovascular problems, women’s and men’s time changes, exhaustion, abnormal growths; Julie and her team are here to support them on their journey toward wellness.

“One of the greatest things this center gives to those in need of the abundant life is hope. For we serve a God who is good, a God who wants to perform miracles in our lives, and a God with whom nothing is impossible. But do we understand that faith without works is dead? God’s righteous works performed through us brings forth renewal and regeneration of the very life He gave us. The steady hand of the diligent will prosper. We must be willing to perform righteous acts of discipline and obedience daily as we walk out in faith the life of abundance for the benefit of His Kingdom and our body, mind, soul, spirit and emotions.”

-Julie Mitchell, August 23, 2006

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