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Drury Lane FarmGina & Bob Nice

Gina, Bob, and their son Jason sit down with Julie to discuss their Farm and their time at TNAWC.

If you’re interested in supporting them or purchasing Farm Products from them check out their list of products below.

To place an order email: [email protected]

Call/text at 804-357-5040

Farm Products

Jason’s Eggs Pastured/Non-GMO/Soy-Free, ~ $6.00 per dozen

Jumbo Cornish Cross Whole Chicken (3-6 lbs.) Pastured/Non-GMO/Soy-Free ~ $5.00 per lb.

Freedom Ranger Whole Chickens & Cut-Ups COMING SOON!

Old Fashioned Flavor Chicken Cut-Ups Skinless/Boneless Breasts (2 per pack) ~ 15.00/lb

Chicken Tenders (6-8 per pack) ~ $14.00/lb. Leg Quarters (2 per pack) ~ $8.50/lb

Buffalo Cut Style Wings (8 piece pack) ~ $8.50/lb

Bone Broth Basics Chicken Backs (2 per pack) ~ $6.00

Chicken Feet (8 per pack) ~ $4.00 Chicken Necks (8 per pack) ~ $4.00

Chicken Organ Meat Chicken Livers ~ ½1/2 lb package ~ $6.00

Chicken Hearts 1/4 lb package ~ $3.00

Other Pastured & Woodland Meats may be coming in the future ~ Lord Willing!



 Boost Your Immune System with this Vitamin C Cleanse – Julie Mitchell

  Julie explains how and why to do a Vitamin C Cleanse using Abundant Immunity C.



 Client Spotlight – Anders & Eileen


  Anders and Eileen sit down to talk about who they are and their experience here at The Nutrition and Wellness Center.

  Children in birth order are Eden, Jubilee, Iris, and Issy.

  The Lord has called us back home to New Kent to serve in full-time ministry for the Ark, a sports complex our church is building to reach local families and serve the community!



 Client SharingKathy Williamson

  Julie chats with Kathy about their blossoming friendship and her experience at the Nutrition and Wellness Center.



 Client SharingNikki Mitchell

   Julie chats with Nikki about her journey with The Nutrition and Wellness Center



 Client SpotlightClinton & Nikki Mitchell

 Clinton and Nikki are clients of The Nutrition and Wellness Center and they talk about who they are and what they like to do. 

 Check out their YouTube channel: SeasonedLove