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Julie Mitchell, Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Nutritionist


Our center provides life-changing appointments and wellness options.
The Nutrition and Wellness Center Williamsburg, VA


Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy (or better known as Colonics) is one of the most dynamic modalities in complimentary health that supports our digestive system as well as linking the mind, body, and spirit.

Infrared Sauna

Wellness is within reach because infrared’s healing light energy has been proven in many ways to help our bodies feel better. With gentler and more effective heat, Sunlighten’s infrared sauna benefits allow you to stay longer and reap more overall health benefits.


Neurofeedback is EEG assisted brain training. It is used to treat a broad variety of problems such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, ADD, brain injury, post-stroke recovery, memory loss, migraine and several other problems.

Meet Julie

Where did The Nutrition and Wellness Center come from? Julie Mitchell’s passion for wellness for her family and herself. It all began in the early 90s when it wasn’t cool, popular or as accessible. Motivated by her oldest son’s multiple rounds of antibiotics before the age of 5 (which brought no long term relief), she sought out a nutritionist who had healed himself from a crippling form of arthritis.
Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Nutritionist.


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Wellness Begins With *CHOICES:


What we trust in creates either life or sinking holes of destruction within and around us


With surrendered hearts to Father’s will, we receive His promises as our words align with His Word


What we eat becomes a part of us whether we want it to or not


What we sip or gulp brings a cleansing rain or a destroying hurricane to our inside tissues


How we serve should create an energy rich flow of abundant life to others as well as ourself


When we play righteously we release joy to strengthen our body

Whole food nutrition – just as nature intended.

Standard Process is a third-generation, family-owned company that works with healthcare practitioners to effectively and holistically enhance wellness for the entire family. We’ve dedicated ourselves to changing lives through whole food-based nutritional supplements that fill dietary gaps and support the body’s interrelated systems.

Evidence We Are Making *CHOICES Of Wellness:

* If you lack this evidence, fresh wellness choices plus abundant nutritional resources are available for you to discover at our center!

Foundation of Wellness

Our center provides life changing naturopathic appointments, healing therapies, the highest quality therapeutic nutrients and herbs, and homeopathic tinctures designed to support and balance our body systems while encouraging us to be present in the moment and live life with intent. Julie is the founder of our center who has been sharing her expertise in natural treatments since 2006. Using naturopathic medicine and godly wisdom as well as scientific research and extensive clinical experiences, Julie has framed natural products and therapies to help the body heal from underlying causes.

Our Latest Blogs

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Pollen season is among us! Julie sits down and explains her best protocols for tackling allergy season. Goodbye watery, puffy eyes. Hello, health! Naturopathic medicine is a way that uses natural remedies to help the body heal itself. It's about addressing the root...

The Beauty Within the Struggle

By Julie Mitchell A number of people who start a fresh, new wellness plan somehow miss the part when I say they may go through some uncomfortable symptoms while moving toward abundant health. Some jump ship within a few days or they become fearful thinking they are...

Allie’s Cherry Almond Chunk Smoothie

By Allie Mitchell, Certified Health Coach I started making and selling Allie’s Smoothies at my work over 5 years ago and it has been my pleasure watching clients fall in love with smoothies and and wish to make their own healthy versions at home! My goal is to get all...

Deep dive into mental and emotional wellbeing!

Listen to the discussion between Dr. Julie Mitchell and DrJ!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Naturopathic?

Naturopathic focuses on the root cause of disease, rather than simply treating symptoms. It takes an integrative and individualized approach to health, with the goal of restoring balance within the body.

How is Naturopathic different from traditional medicine?

Traditional medicine generally looks at the body as a collection of separate systems, each with its own set of diseases. Naturopathic, on the other hand, views the body as one interconnected system. It also considers each person’s unique circumstances, including lifestyle, diet, environment, and genetics.

Do you accept Health Spending Accounts?

TNAWC does accept Health Savings Accounts. These expenses can be applied to your insurance deductible and allow you to use your money on your preventive health instead of managing diseases. This includes all therapies and prescribed high-quality supplements.

Do you accept insurance?

TNAWC does not accept medical insurance. Here at TNAWC we have the freedom to make recommendations for testing, appointments, etc. that we believe are necessary and effective. Medical providers who practice within an insurance model are limited to ordering tests and making recommendations that an insurance company approves.

Client Spotlight

We Are In This Together

I will be asking you to embrace new ideas through choices and patterns of life that many others have already done, including me. Many of us have decided these changes are worth it and keep devoting ourselves to wellness choices. When we are healthier and stronger because of wholesome choices that breed God’s life force, everyone around us benefits from the important daily choices we have made. It is a building process of vitality, vim and vigor as we age. This layering of righteous choices will allow our cells and genes to express abundant life and energy. That becomes the evidence that our plan is working and the motivation to continue. We are in this together because united we win!

“I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.” – Jeremiah 33:6

The Trust We’ve Earned

Based on 39 reviews
dwayne O
dwayne O
Professor and positive service with great results. It is easy to see that everyone at the Nutrition and Wellness Center practices what they preach. It is worth the drive.
Natalie Sidner
Natalie Sidner
Jeff & Julie Mitchell’s clinic is truly remarkable. In some sense, I don’t even know what to say about it. There’s so much negative feedback in the world. Negative reviews on restaurants, theaters, salons, car dealerships, all kinds of businesses — you name it. People get online and write horrific reviews, expressing everything they deem wrong with a particular place. Well take the most negative review you can possibly think of, and its opposite is how I would describe The Nutrition and Wellness Center. From the moment I walked in, I could feel the most peaceful, blissful energy. The center’s ambience is unparalleled. In fact, I dare say that I’ve encountered few other places like it in my entire life. It’s so beautiful, clean, and organized — such a simple, elegant aesthetic. The energy is amazing. And all that I convey to be the case •before• I even address the entire reason I go there: colonics. TNAWC has two Angel of Water systems, which were for me (when I started going there about a year ago) truly game-changing. I’ll leave out the particulars, 😉 … but if you don’t know the difference between an open and closed system when it comes to the treatment protocol of colon hydrotherapy, look it up. Again, game-changing. I’ve been so incredibly fortunate to connect with TNAWC and learn about the Angel of Water, and it has undoubtedly been something that has made an indescribable difference in my various health challenges. Not to mention that Jeff, Julie, and Andy are such warm, friendly, kind, amazing people — who you can •tell• just genuinely want to help others along their life‘s journey. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough.
Mallorie Lawton
Mallorie Lawton
Excellent experience! I can't wait for my next appointment.
Sarah Bryant
Sarah Bryant
Great place to receive alternative care methods great family business very helpful and kind people
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller
I came here 2 years ago and saw Julie for a consult. It was a very emotionally rocky time for me, and when I say I cried through half of the visit I mean it! But Julie made me feel completely at ease, and I was so comfortable talking with her that I was able to process a lot that was holding me back from having emotional peace. She gave me so many great recommendations that I still use today! It was a great experience.
natasha hundley
natasha hundley
I just love this place. I started coming here a year ago after the passing of my mother because I suffered from chronic constipation for years and wanted to try something different for the mind body and soul. The staff is amazing. Jeff is so sweet and inspirational and Allie Omg!!! Every bit of kindness and educational when it comes to health(diabetes). I’m just overall excited I found this place. I have definitely noticed a difference in myself health wise and spiritually. You go in with the bad and walk out unstoppable lol. I just want to say I appreciate the whole family and I think this is a beautiful gift you all offer.
Barbara Freeny
Barbara Freeny
I wanted to publicly express my gratitude to Julie, Jeff, Alley and Elizabeth for being such an amazing team. Primarily, I wanted a colon cleanse to relieve constipation, so Jeff suggested I do a session with Julie. I had no idea the trajectory of my life would change dramatically. Julie provided me a comprehensive plan to heal my gut. Everything she was saying was in line with the research I did in the past, but I was not mentally ready to change my bad habits. In the past 3 months I have seen improvements in menstrual cramps, constipation, insomnia, and fatigue. I struggled for years with IBS and the diagnosis was contributed to aging. Julie has a calling on her life and her family supports her vision by also teaching clients about health and nutrition. If you take the plan seriously and be patient, you will see results.
Tasha Hundley-davis
Tasha Hundley-davis
Omg! I have been suffering from chronic constipation for the last 7 years and I’ve tried everything possible to become regular and nothing worked until I found this place. I mean soon as I walked in their office I immediately had to use the bathroom lol...that’s how comfortable the environment was and I hadn’t even seen anyone at the point. The stafff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I mean everything was just perfect. The rooms are very spacious clean and comfortable. Jeff was amazing calm and collect. The colonic was the best thing I could’ve ever done. They have a forever client...
Christie Barry
Christie Barry
I have finally at 64 gotten excellent doctors (Johns Hopkins and mcv) who really care about me. They give solutions with chemical products that do work butcant be usedlong term. Jeff is huge in my mental, emotional and physical recovery. He is knowledgeable. We are slowly adding probiotics and other organic products to change 64 years of chronic problems. It has made a huge difference in my healing. Wonderful people .... so caring. Christie
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