Health Coach Services

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Menu Planning Post Julie $65

Smoothie Classes $10

Grocery Store Guide $99

Pantry Clean-Out $65 (+$20 commute fee)

Fridge Clean-Out $65 (+$20 commute fee)

Now, Let’s Get Well!

Follow-Up Menu Planning Post Julie $65

Go over which style of eating and lifestyle routine works for you and how to maintain it!

Stay accountable and on track each month.

Figure out what works and what doesn’t!

Dairy Free

Gluten Free

Dairy Free, Gluten Free






At-Home Pantry And/Or Fridge Clean Out $49 ($90 for both)

Clean, organize, and prioritize! Get rid of all the bad stuff in your fridge and pantry today… Processed foods, bad-for-oil oils, questionable ingredients, and food products. Everything that is keeping you from reaching your goals!





Nut butter


Wake up to a ready-to-go fridge and pantry!

Trader Joe’s, Earth Fare, or Whole Foods Grocery Guide By Your Side $99

Need help knowing what to get at the grocery store this week? Want to eat healthy, but don’t know where to start? Learn which foods and drinks to pick up at the grocery store today with a guide by your side!

Allow me, Allie, to meet you at Trader Joe’s, Earth Fare in Williamsburg, Virginia or Whole Foods in Newport News and we’ll go shopping for all the rainbow veggies, grass-fed meats, eggs, healthy snacks, and great subs for your favorite dishes and bread! It will be exciting, eye-opening, and FUN! What we’ll cover:

Buying the rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day

Selecting your meats

Checking labels and ingredients

Finding kitchen staples (dressings, condiments, seasonings, etc.)

Finding delicious and nutritious snacks

“Fab Four” Essential Wellness Program $45

Go over the ~Fab Four~ and how to take them every day!

  1. Abundant Digestion
  2. Abundant Brain/Omegas
  3. Abundant Sunshine
  4. Abundant Multi
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