Food / Chemical Sensitivity Testing

Delayed allergies burden the immune system, slow down the body’s repair, and intensify the evidence you aren’t well. You will experience improvements in the quality of your life as a result of stopping the exposure to the delayed allergies.

One of the major advancements in medicine in recent years has been our expanded understanding of the immune system and its far broader and more important role in general health and wellness. Initially, it was thought that our immune system was only involved in defending our bodies against threatening agents such as bacteria, viruses, and environmental “invaders”. Medical science has now come to recognize that the immune system has defense as well as repair capabilities. The defense component of the immune system fights off the “invaders” that create disease, while the repair component plays an important role in restoring tissue and organs from damage that the disease state may have caused. If either the defense or repair function becomes overburdened or over-stressed, immune dysfunction and disease may result.


Recent studies have shown that when the defense elements or lymphocytes (type of white blood cells) of the immune system are burdened due to the effects of foreign antigens, the vital repair process suffers. Organs and tissue weaken over time, and the body’s ability to fight off future assaults is reduced. The effect of immune system dysfunction can result in chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases that often defy treatment.

The most common assaults that pose the greatest burden to our immune system on a daily basis are digestive remnants and environmental antigens. By identifying these antigens and eliminating them from our exposure, the immune burden can be reduced or eliminated, allowing the defense and repair systems to return to optimal function. The result is improved, sustainable health.

Food / Chemical Sensitivity Testing Prices

“Basic” Food / Chemical Sensitivity Testing(144 items)

Price $532

“Enhanced Basic” Food / Chemical Sensitivity Testing (212 items):

Price $699

“Comprehensive” Food / Chemical Sensitivity Testing (315 items):

Price $1099

(* “Enhanced Basic” included  with 2-Hour Initial Premium Appointment with Naturopath)


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