APEX Energetics Nitric Balance chocolate strawberry flavor

Nitric Balance: Targeted nutrient support for tissues, immune system, brain endurance, focus, and metabolic endurance during physical activity.

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Nitric Balance is an advanced combination of carefully selected ingredients that work together to affect NOS (nitric oxide synthase) activity and intracellular energy production.* It also influences the related production of cell-signaling molecules and oxidants.* This formulation takes advantage of the compounding and complementary actions of its ingredients to deliver a truly effective formula backed by a decade of successful clinical use.* Nitric Balance™ is an excellent choice for individuals needing immune balance, brain function, and exercise support.


  • Affects the NOS family of enzymes, supporting eNOS and nNOS activity, while balancing iNOS*
  • Supports a healthy immune response*
  • Supports a healthy neurovascular system and healthy brain function*
  • Supports cellular energy production, including in neurons*
  • Supports metabolic endurance during exercise*


  • Pleasant-tasting peppermint and chocolate strawberry options
  • Easy-to-use liquid formula
  • Lightly and naturally sweetened with luo han guo (monk fruit) and stevia extract
  • Arginine and stimulant free
  • Gluten and dairy free, as confirmed by finished product testing
  • Great to use 20-30 minutes before exercise*

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