Colon Hydrotherapy 3 Sessions


The recommendation based on research is a series of 12 sessions. Two the first week, 1 today/1 tomorrow, 2 sessions the second week, and 1 a week for the next 8 weeks.

The reason for that is the human body is exceptionally smart. When we clean out the colon, the body starts pulling waste out of the tissue and putting them into the blood stream. The waste heads from the liver, than back to the colon. Therefore, the second Colon Hydrotherapy session is necessary so that the digested waste is eliminated rather than reabsorbed. The same reason applies to the following 2 the second week. After the first 4, it is recommended one a week for eight weeks. The slow detoxification to a gentle-tolerable rate.


The Angel of Water’s superior design now brings elegance, simplicity, safety and dignity to colon irrigation. The Angel of Water Surround, a gravity-fed open design, is the system chosen by the finest resorts, medical spas, integrative wellness centers around the world. The Three Key Points for Colon Hydrotherapy using the Angel of Water:

1. HYDRATION – Delivers water safely and comfortably to irrigate the colon.
2. ACTIVATION – Hydration activates peristalsis of the colon.
3. EVACUATION – Peristalsis evacuates the contents of the colon.


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