Julie BCND, CN – 2-HR Initial Adult Standard Appointment🌿


Let’s get to the root cause of your symptoms! In this appointment, Julie will be able to take the time to thoroughly go over your health history and wellness goals. She will complete in-office assessments when appropriate, review at blood labs and any other evaluations you have had done, to determine areas of priority for healing. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how your body works, how diet and lifestyle play a factor, how to better manage your stress, how to supplement properly and reach your wellness goals. Ultimately, you will be taking responsibility for your health with a WELLNESS PLAN that gives you the tools to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!



  • A Personalized Supplement + Wellness Plan
  • A Personalized Menu Plan
  • Blood Work Analysis
  • BioMeridan Scan (tests the different pathways of the body)
  • Bio Impedance Analysis (assesses total body water, body fat, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate)
  • Blood Pressure Assessments
  • Review causes of your symptoms


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