Our services are designed to assist you in creating a pathway towards health and wholeness. And that includes helping you on the journey to learn more about the changes you’ll experience. Whether it is weight management, nutrition support, building confidence in exercising, managing food sensitivities, detoxification or prevention of medical conditions that you are seeking, The Nutrition and Wellness Center can assist you in the education and achievement of your wellness goals.

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March 17, 2020by Julie Mitchell

Immune Boosting Protocol: CLEAN EATING 🥕 by Julie Mitchell Could living fearfully and stressing about situations around us weaken our immune system, decrease vitality, and upset our digestion? Of course! Eating clean and balanced is not rocket science. Just look at that picture and see the glorious choices we have! Most of us know what […]

February 27, 2020by Julie Mitchell

By Julie Mitchell, BCND, CN As we go through the winter months, the same story about the cold and flu season seems to arise: we better get ready for it, because it’s coming our way! What are the culprits to “catching” the cold, flu or any other kind of microbe? Spending too much time inside […]

July 12, 2019by Allie

All the chocolate-y, brownie taste minus the grains and guilt! Jeff (my Dad) grew up eating brownies for breakfast (Hard to picture now) and I overheard him say one day that he’d like some brownies just like the ones he had growing up! Well, I did my research and thought I’d try a shot at […]


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