March 10, 2012

Food and Mood Connection

There are some foods and drinks that we put into our mouths and swallow that create intense reactions within our bodies yet we live puzzled by our physical, mental, or emotional responses. If you are in a state of hypertension, low mood, obesity, constipation, depression, inability to sleep or blood sugar instability, then you need to look closely at what you are consuming and why you are drawn to them.

Did you realize the very foods and drinks you crave may be the very ones you are sensitive or allergic to? I remember being challenged years ago to go off certain foods/drinks and then staring at them in the pantry and longing for them like someone who has lost a good friendship. Foods/drinks (or can we even put some of the things we put into our mouth in this category, maybe poisons is a better one) like white bread, candy, crackers, pastries, basically highly processed and chemical laden foods and drinks, will create a war inside our bodies and minds spilling over to our spirit and emotions. Many processed white flour/white sugar items, pesticides, herbicides, and the chemicals within the foods produce a variety of physical and mental manifestations ranging from reflux, peptic ulcers, colitis, diabetes, to headaches, depression, nervousness, anxiety, tension, and palpitations.

Change your food and drink intake…change the outcome of your daily living. One of my favorite things to do is problem solve what is causing you to feel the way you do and develop a plan of how to support you in the healing process. If it all seems too overwhelming of where to start, contact us or find a health practitioner who can guide you in your process of discovering what is safe and good for you to eat. Your mind, family, and friends will be glad you did!

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