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Father, lying never had anything to do with You or Your throne. When lies are told, the atmosphere changes just as it did in the garden. Spirit, please bestow on us REVELATIONS from the throne of Truth and Goodness, how to quickly recognize the trickery of any lie stirring up around us or within us. May we, Your Bride, become keenly aware of moves that will capture us and pull us away from Your presence. Like the king of victory on the chess board, let us be the last one standing as the battle rages around us taking down the enemy pretending to be the winning king. The liar dressed up like a king, will always be what he is under his coverings because who he is has nothing to do with his titles, clothing, crown, possessions. Who we are has everything to do with who we belong to. We belong to You, King Jesus!  Let us never forget that it was not because we deserved what You did at Calvary as Your blood flowed with the power to make all white at snow, clearing the punishment of our sin forever. It was only because You saw us worthy of Your powerful, truthful, redeeming love. We will forever be grateful and praise You into eternity. In Yahushua HaMashiach’s name. (Jesus the Messiah)

March 4, 2022

Genesis 3:4 “Then the serpent said to the woman, ‘You will not surely die.’ “


March 4, 2022

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