July 19, 2012

Healthier Restaurant Choices


When eating out, it is important to know that most establishments are dedicated to getting their dollar first and the quality of the product is always second as long as they can make it taste good.  But people are demanding healthier choices today due to the education on health in the world.

The most important thing to know when eating out is the types of oils used to prepare the food with.  Also, the salad dressings will generally always be a poor quality with denatured oil.  Avoid breads, rolls and deserts whenever possible.

The following is a list of safer choices for restaurants:



  • Salad bar with the soup available -but no soup with cheese, milk or cream. Avoid red meat where possible.
  • Salad with eggs and vegetables. Salad dressing in small amount for flavor. *Oil&Vinegar Dressings are best, avoid creamy dressings.
  • Chicken & turkey dishes with salad and vegetables. No bread.
  • Fish dish, broiled or baked –not fried. With salad and vegetables. No bread.
  • Hamburger Patty with salad and vegetables. No bread.



  • Spaghetti (Small amount) in a meat sauce with salad.
  • Chicken in a light tomato sauce with salad.
  • Veal in a light tomato sauce with salad.
  • Baked vegetables in a light tomato sauce with a salad.



  • Beans and rice with plain tortillas and salad.
  • Beans and rice with avocado salad, and 3 corn tortillas.
  • Chicken enchiladas with beans and rice.
  • Chicken tacos without beans and rice.
  • Corn tortillas are better than flour.

Note: Elimination of cheese, fried chips, and heavy meats is best.



  • Chicken and vegetable dishes.
  • Oriental vegetables and steamed rice.

Note: Ask that your food be prepared without MSG, and sugar.  Do not drink the restaurant tea, bring your own and ask for boiling water.



  • Beware of foods and sauces at salad bars, creamed sauces. Hidden fats and chemicals are usually present.
  • Bring your own dressing with healthier oils and spices, whenever possible.
  • Have your salad with a lemon if you have no dressing.
  • Order the salad with dressing on the side so you can control amount.
  • Oil&Vinegar Dressings are best.



  • Subway:  Turkey/Chicken wraps loaded with veggies (Oil&Vinegar optional)
  • Chick-fil-A:  A grilled chicken without bun.
  • Carry protein bar, nuts, seeds, fruit with you on-the-go.

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