October 21, 2016

10 Tips for Healthy Looking Skin

10 Tips for Healthy-Looking Skin

by Marcia Sommariva

To obtain beautiful skin it is vital to maintain a healthy diet. Colorful fruits and vegetables, low-fat proteins, nuts and beans are all good examples of healthy foods. When you don’t eat life supporting elements, your skin may look dull, tired and dehydrated, even yellow or gray in pallor.

  1. Avocados

*A good source of biotin

*Prevent dry skin and brittle nails

*Help hydrate skin

  1. Green Tea-

*Antioxidants and polyphenols

*Help to reduce UV rays that may prevent skin cancer and other cancers

  1. Tomatoes-

*Provide lycopene and carotenoids

*These nutrients help slow down aging and cellular damage

  1. Salmon-

*great protein food with Astaxanthin, a nutrient that improves skin elasticity and decrease signs of aging

  1. Eggs-

*Contains biotin which repairs skin and is an essential vitamin to protect against dry skin

  1. Pomegranates / Berries-

*High in antioxidants repair and heal collagen

*Protect cells from further damage and pre-mature aging

  1. Walnuts-

*A great way to add Omega-3’s

*Hydrate and protect against inflammation

  1. Beans-

*These proteins break down into amino acids (building blocks of protein.)

*Support repair and rejuvenate collagen and structure of skin

  1. Water-

*A vital element to hydrate the skin

  1. Other Foods-

*Turkey, Tuna, Brazil Nuts: all a good source of Selenium, a nutrient that fights cancer.

Nutrition plays a major factor in building and repairing, the skin’s internal structure; and is crucial in preventing pre-mature aging. For younger, radiant skin include these healthy foods in your diet.

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  2. Allie

    Hi Stacy, I would recommend a product called Abundant Repair. It helps with inflammation, pain, and tissue repair. You can find it on our online store with more information and the ingredient list. It’s one of our best sellers and for a good reason 🙌


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