January 10, 2013

Creating a Strong Immune System

Here are strategies to keep your system balanced through the Cold/Flu Season(or all year long!):
• Handling Stress: Unmanaged Stress=Disease. Eating healthy, regular exercise, belly breathing, relaxation techniques all help assist in the reduction of stress and help build a strong immune system.
• Importance of Vitamin D Levels: 15-20 minutes of 12 noon exposure is the most effective at keeping optimal levels.
• Exercise: Our Bodies are Meant to Move: . When you exercise, circulation and blood flow increase throughout your body thus delivering rich oxygen and nutrients to the cells. The expanding and contracting of your lungs during exercise as well as the movement of the body allow for better circulation of the lymphatic system.
• Foods to Avoid: Dairy, Sugar and Processed Foods. Dairy is very mucous forming and lowers immunity. Sugar impairs the function of your immune system almost immediately.
• Support a Strong Colony of Friendly Bacteria: Avoiding sugars, processed foods and most grains while adding in plenty of healthy fats, veggies, fruits and proteins.
• Sleep: You have a sleep bank and if you don’t do enough deposits and too many withdrawals, your immune system will pay the price thus weakening it.
• Build Your Home Apothecary: Create to help strengthen the immune system throughout the year for various conditions.
Recommendations for your Home Apothecaries regarding Flu and Colds:

* Flu Tone, 1 dropper 1x day
* Core Olive Leaf, 2 droppers 1-2x day
* Digesta Guard, 1-2 caps day
* Potent C, half to one tsp 1-2x day, bowel tolerance
* Lymphopath and/or Drainage Tone, 1 dropper 1-2x day
* Vitamin D3, (dosage depends on your specific levels) 2,000-10,000units

ACUTE CARE Appointments are available for assessing underlying causes such as viral or bacterial.

* Perform C Flush immediately at onset whenever possible
* Flu Tone, 2 droppers 2x day
* Digesta Guard, 1-2 caps, 1-3x day
* Olive Leaf, 2 droppers up to every hour
* Xeno Force, 2 caps 2x day
* Core Myrrh (lung), 2 droppers hourly
* Throat Spray, 4 sprays hourly as needed
* Lymphopath / Drainage Tone, 2 droppers 2x day
* Sinus Tone, hourly as needed
* Vitamin D3, (dosage depends on your specific levels) 2,000-10,000 units
* Bacteria or Viru Chord, 2 droppers 2-3x day (after Acute Care Assessment)

We need to be cautioned by the lessons of history. In 1976, an emerging swine flu virus appeared to be responsible for the death of a military recruit. Gerald Ford ordered a nationwide vaccination program, which led to a number of cases of ascending paralysis (Guillain-Barre Syndrome), including some deaths.

Do not fall prey to the fear that has brought many people to greater sickness and disease.


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