April 27, 2015

Home Apothecary Tip – May


Fatigue Support


Phyto B Complex– Phyto B Complex is a nutritional supplement providing a bioavailable multi-B vitamins with Rhodiola rosea extract.


Adaptopath- Provides sarcode support for symptoms of exhaustion. An essential homeopathic remedy for boosting underpowered healing strategies by enhancing the body’s ability to adapt to stress.


Spagyric Greens Spagyric Greens may be used in any healing strategy to enhance energy levels, assist the body when under stress and to provide essential nutrients to maintain health and vitality.

Essential Oil

Elevation– This uplifting blend of essential oils creates an energetic aroma that can help stimulate the body’s chemistry when a person is feeling lethargic or sad. Its common uses are for anxiety, depression, energizing, grief or sorrow, stress, and uplifting.

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