September 26, 2014

Sleep Well, Live Well


If we are not sleeping at night our bodies are not able to heal. Growth hormones are released when we are sleeping and body tissues repair during this time. If we are not sleeping through the night we may have symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, inability to make decisions, even feeling wired and tired. We are in a fast pace society that thrives on doing more, but I believe less is the new more. In other words, balance is key. Finding balance in our lives is something we all need. When we find that balance, sleeping will come more easily. If you struggle with sleeping, the first place to look is your lifestyle.

5 steps to support healthy sleep patterns:

1. When we move into the night hours, we should dim the lights in our house. Staring at screens like TV, phones, computers, as we move towards bedtime, can contribute to melatonin loss. Darkness stimulates the pineal gland to make melatonin and support restful sleep.

2. One thing you can do at bedtime to help relax yourself is belly breathing, four counts in and four counts out, doing this seven times may cause you to fall asleep before you even get to 7.

3. Let’s not forget that minerals are like tranquillizers, so relaxing to the tissues of the body. Our bodies will use up minerals as our engines burn, burn, burn during the day and we may find our self depleted at night time, which will make it difficult to relax. The macro minerals, calcium and magnesium, plus numerous micro minerals will support moving into the relaxed state and rebuild tissues which thus allows our body to heal while we sleep.

4. Herbs, such as Valerian,  essential oils, such as lavender,and the homeopathic support in relax tone can help calm down the nervous system and move it into a state of relaxation.

5. I just painted our kitchen a calming blue/gray tone, changing it from the invigorating orange/red we had for 7 years. I am reminded how the colors in our home also help us relax and sleep well.

What are you going to do or stop doing to support healthy sleep patterns for yourself and your family? Healing comes from within, balance will always be key. Listen to the still small voice of God leading you in the direction of healing and restfulness.

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