May 12, 2022

Washing the Mess Away

by Julie Mitchell

Oh, how this world can cause us to get dirty and sick when we abide too long in it without retreating to abide in our Father’s presence which always brings refreshing and renewal.

Psalm 51:2 “Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin.”

Father, forgive me for going my own way and ignoring the promptings of Spirit. Your love and compassion are so great and so wide that I am wonderfully captured in Your net of goodness. In this place You lovingly bring out Your laundry soap to scrub away the stains of this world that I have splattered on me.

Teach me Spirit how to submit and surrender to this process that creates the leprosy in my soul to be carried away in the rinsing process. Don’t let me leave this place without gaining a full REVELATION of the depths of my wayward tactics. Don’t let traditions, habits and customs play out anymore that stop the flow of Your life-giving, fruit bearing purposes in my life. Give me a strong appetite for the purifying practices You intend for me to go through that I may become the fullness of Your glory expressions. Let hunger for this righteous bathing become my daily soul desire. In Yahushua HaMashiach’s name. (Jesus the Messiah)

Jeremiah 33:8

Hebrew 9:14

1 John 1:7,9

*If you’d like to read more of my daily prayers, check out the Prayer Garden here.

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  1. Jeff

    Give me a strong appetite for the purifying practices Amen!


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