March 4, 2022

Fab 4 Abundant Vitamins + How To Take Them ✨

By Allie Mitchell, Certified Health Coach

At our office, we have a couple supplements we like to stay on! Here are some essentials we always encourage our clients to keep taking:

Abundant Sunshine w/ D3 + K2: It’s a fat-soluble vitamin, so be sure to pair it with your largest meal of the day (usually breakfast or lunch) and eat a meal with lots fats in it to be better absorbed! (i.e. pasture-raised eggs, avo, salmon, grass-fed butter, etc.) Take 1 per day.

Abundant Brain/Omegas: These can be take on an empty stomach or with meals! Take 2 with meals. 4 per day.

Abundant Multi: I take mine right after lunch. Be sure to eat a big lunch. Your urine should be sunshine yellow after taking this one too! Take 2 per day.

Abundant Digestion: Take these on an empty stomach to help build healthy gut flora and with meals. Take 2-6 per day.

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