September 18, 2020

DEFENSE & REPAIR 💪: Learn What It Takes to Get an A+ Wellness Report Card!

Every day our bodies fight against multiple forms of stress: viruses, bacteria, toxic chemicals and metals, consumption of poor quality foods and drinks, relationship stress, fear of the unknown and even known. Those are just scratching the surface! If most of our energy is used up to DEFEND against these stressors, we will not have enough raw materials in our cells to REPAIR and regenerate our organs, tissues and systems thus our bodies will begin to break down. Then here come our genetic weaknesses playing out, keeping us from our God given purposes and assignments.

If we are having aches and pains, sicknesses that won’t get better, symptoms that don’t seem to go away, we may be out of balance and need a tune up. These tune ups don’t take an hour or two, a week or two but more like a few months to a few years. We don’t get to this imbalance overnight, so patience and strong resolve will be required while our body gains the ability to balance its DEFENSE and REPAIR processes.

There is tremendous hope in the daily process of cell regeneration potential as we have cells dying and new ones replacing them. 1-2 days the cells in our mouth are remodeled, 1 month a new skin coat has been sewn in place, 3-6 months to build a new gut and organs, 8-10 years to replace all the bones in our wonderful bodies. If you haven’t started or have just begun the journey of choosing Wellness as a lifestyle, know that where you are today is not where you will be in a week, month, or a year from now. You were created to heal and be well so keep moving forward on your wellness journey.

Julie’s nutrient basics to promote healthy DEFENSE and REPAIR:
⭐Abundant Multi
⭐Abundant C
⭐Abundant Magnesium (or Abundant Bones)
⭐Abundant Sunshine D3 with K2(or Abundant Liver)
⭐Abundant Digestion
⭐Abundant Pathway/Detox
⭐Abundant Gut/Energy
⭐Abundant Repair
⭐Abundant Cell Communication

What’s Your (DEFENSE and REPAIR) Wellness Report Card Score?

  1. *First morning urine pH is between 6.5-7.5 = A+
  2. *C Cleanse requires less than 2 teaspoons = A+
  3. *BioMeridian Scan shows all areas in green = A+
  4. No bloating, reflux, gas, constipation, or diarrhea = A+
  5. No body pain = A+
  6. 7+ hours of uninterrupted sleep = A+
  7. Vitamin D is 50 – 100 ng/ml = A+

Seven A+ = Excellent, You are the WELLNESS WINNER!
Six A+ = Very Good, Lots of Wellness Evidence Here!
Five A+ = Good Job, With Room for Improvement!
Four A+ = Ok, You are Moving Forward and Getting There!
One – Three A+ = Slow and Steady with Patience, Don’t Stop Investing in Yourself!

*Want to understand more about these, just ask us 😉

“Take my side and defend me in these sufferings; redeem me and revive me, just like You promised You would.” Psalms 119:154

Father, You are a good, good Father who I trust to strengthen me to DEFEND against stressors and REPAIR all parts of my body as I choose to care and invest in the gift of this vessel You have given me. Please performs miracles of healing in me by the power of Your Spirit that I may carry out Your assignments with vim, vigor and great purpose for Your glory and the manifestation of Your kingdom coming to earth through me as it is in heaven, in Jesus name.

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