February 9, 2021

6 Ideas To Clear Our Minds & Clean Our Thoughts

Simple and clear thinking supports our immune system and comes from…




Common sense does not always equate to right and wrong, but it is a barometer to guide us in the choices we make every day.

If we can’t swim, we may not want to jump into a body of water too deep to stand in. We can if we want, but it is up to each of us to find out the depths of that water for our own safety.

As healthy and mature adults, we shouldn’t take on the responsibility of telling others what they must do, but rather encourage them to seek out truth, use common sense and educate themselves in the choices they make. This learning process should lead to choices of living life in abundance of wellness. It is a privilege when others invite us into their process of learning more about how they can be well.

Ignorance comes from the Latin word ignorare which means “to not know even though necessary information is present but willfully refused or disregarded.” Ignorance can misguide us when we are missing pieces of information that could be found if searched for. This can then strongly shape the choices we make that will lead to wellness or destruction for ourselves as well as those we influence.

We will not be able to claim ignorance if we have taken the time and effort to find meaningful information that leads us to truthful and honest conclusions.

When it comes to eating, drinking, supplements, exercise, medications, vaccinations, etc., each of us is responsible to do our due diligence and find out what is best for us based on truth, evidence, knowledge, and our own research.

Common sense seems to often be lost in the pursuit of information. May we take the time to pause before allowing data to mindlessly be plugged into our minds. May we be led to open doors of greater knowledge, wisdom, council, and understanding for the greater good of all.

Finally, physical, emotional or spiritual feelings of heaviness and oppression can be a sign that there is something trying to control us using fear and manipulation.  Do not be afraid. Use Common sense. Seek truth. If we seek and pursue truth, we will find it. Let’s enjoy the journey because life is meant to be lived with joy even during difficult times.

6 Things We Can Do To Help Clear Our Thinking🦋

  1. Take time to pause before responding and reacting in situations. There are powerful expressions of common sense in those who control their tongue and are patient in reacting.
  2. Notice if others are trying to control our thinking or choices by using fear tactics.
  3. Common sense is something innate in us that I believe is connected to goodness in us. Let us water others with goodness so we don’t lose the powerful expression of common sense.
  4. When making the same mistakes over and over, write out what is happening. Journaling is a part of seeing what is going on behind the scenes of our mind. It has power to give us clarity for our life choices.
  5. Based on my experiences, praying is a valuable and powerful tool. Reading the Word of God is the best means to direct in what and how to pray. Verbally declaring the Word helps to renew my mind. Then listening and being still creates a knowing of how to move forward.
  6. When researching a subject online, we should pause and get a strong sense of where we are headed. This gives us an ability to know when we are getting off track. If needed, leave a trail using a notepad of how to get back to our original purpose. We should also keep in mind Google and other entities have changed the playing field by controlling information that comes through it.
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    Let us continue to move forward with clear and clean thinking using common sense and truth, which will enhance our immune systems.

    “Truth’s shining light guides me in my choices and decisions; the revelation of Your word makes my pathway clear. To live my life by Your righteous rules has been my holy and lifelong commitment.” Psalm 119:105-106



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